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Action and Adventure

Experiences you'll never forget!

Whether you just want to try something out, are a beginner or a pro in this area, give your holiday a "special kick”. The Pillersee Valley offers you every possibility!

Wild water, thrilling heights and warm cliffs

Take on the challenge of the mountains!

Rested enough and finally want to get your adrenalin flowing? Then in the immediate vicinity around the Kitzbühel alps offers plenty of adventure and action - whether on your own or as a large family with children. Experience excitement in the white water, in airy heights or show your strength and condition on the warm rocky cliffs!

Tandem Paragliding

After a long run-up together with your tandem master, the pilot, take a deep breath and then “Up in the air”! You'll jump and whizz to the ground. Above you, only your pilot and the paraglider. Experience the ultimate adrenalin rush and high-altitude euphoria and experience what it's like to lose the ground under your feet. Enjoy the beautiful view, feel as free as a bird and glide over the Tyrolean landscape.


Learn the basic principles of climbing in a specially designed climbing park. With a trainer, you can practice all of the main climbing and safety techniques and learn how to rappel. The Kitzbühel alps also offer a number of diverse climbing routes on natural stone and warm rocks.


For real water enthusiasts. Conquer the white water with a rafting boat. Even families with smaller children can raft. Choose a little calmer route. A wetsuit and helmet are provided.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Want to really get off the ground? Hop into a hot air balloon. Relax and discover the impressive nature of the alps from high above them. Rides in a hot air balloon are also offered in the winter.


Experience pure excitement in a team sport. Swim through the emerald green water, jump into the natural pools with your teammates and rappel from waterfalls. You'll never forget this experience in the white water!

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